Společnost 2 MAX, s.r.o. - divize dřevovýroba, vyrábí spárovky, spárovkové desky, dřevěné brikety, pilinové brikety a další výrobky ze spárovky.

spárovka, spárovková deska, dřevěné brikety, pilinové brikety, dřevovýroba


About us

The company 2MAX Ltd was established in 1998. In 2004 we decided diversify and expand our business going into a new  technology line of hardwood panels. Since 2005 we have been successfully selling our products to several European countries, mainly Scandinavia, in cooperation with our business partner V.I.S. Export-Import Ltd.


Our specialization is the production of final products (surface treated, packed, etc.) ready for end customers, and production of semi final products for our long-term customers (stairs, furniture manufacturers, etc. All products are made from raw material (logs, trunks, planks) in order to ensure its quality.

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