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Our panels are produced from solid hardwood timber which is 8per cent dried with ±2per cent tolerance. The panel contains lamellas which are finger jointed from several pieces of timber - F/J panels or lamellas which are just edged glued - EG panels. We produce both types of panels in various dimensions and ranges of quality.

spárovka cink spárovka FIX
F/J panel EG panel

In our production you can see hardwood such as OAK, BEECH, ASH, CHERRY, WALLNUT and MAPLE which are sourced from the forests of the Czech Republic and other European countries such as Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, etc.

Due to customer demands we produce panels from thermo treated timbers, especially from ash. Thanks to thermo treatment the timber gains a darker shade within the whole mass without colouring or staining. There are several examples of panels below.


jasan jasan olejovaný termo jasan termo jasan olejovaný
natural oiled thermo treated  thermo tr. & oiled

We are usually able to prepare our products within 14 days after order placement. If possibility of a longer term occurs, we discuss it with the customer in advance. We keep a stable amount of some types of panels in the stock.