Společnost 2 MAX, s.r.o. - divize dřevovýroba, vyrábí spárovky, spárovkové desky, dřevěné brikety, pilinové brikety a další výrobky ze spárovky.

spárovka, spárovková deska, dřevěné brikety, pilinové brikety, dřevovýroba



    Our panels are available in the following range of quality:

    • A/B - colour matched, without knots and sapwood, two black small knots up to 1mm on 1m2 are allowed

      kvalita AB
    • B/C - colour unmatched, sapwood allowed up to 20 per cent of surface, healthy knots up to 15mm are allowed

      kvalita BC
    • C/D (SAB) - colour unmatched, without a sapwood and knots limit, wood defects such as hard rot, small insect defects, cracks, etc. are allowed. The panels are usually used as work boards - tool shop desks,  etc.

      Kvalita SAB


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